The following are the programs, activities and projects of Jan Ugahi spanning over two decades (i.e. since its inception on March 1, 1997 till Jan. 24, 2021).
Area-wise Distribution
Target Families

Target Population

Target Children

Target Children

Integrated community areas
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Past Programs
6 (d) Project locations and specific geographical coverage:
1 (a) Work With Children:

Support: A one-to-one contact and support program for street / working children / children in difficult circumstances with regular interaction, identification of problems and issues, remedial and supportive measures with regard to health, education, family problems, training and job placements. Support was also provided to child victims of abuse and exploitation.

Drop-in Centre for Street Children: Involved non-formal education, vocational skills, recreation, creativity (drawing, crafts, and singing). Issues related to health, growth and family problems were also addressed.

Rescue / Rehabilitation: Children in difficult circumstances or abused/under threat of abuse (esp. child labor, sexual abuse)  were rescued and placed in suitable institutions or Government homes, and support provided to resolve the problem or rehabilitate them by  placing them in boarding / homes / Institutes for education, training. We also rehabilitated children in conflict with the law, i.e. child offenders, through training, jobs, counseling etc., with a view to social re-integration.

Shelter for Girls: A short stay shelter for girls who are rescued and need to be rehabilitated. Through the shelter program we placed children in homes / boarding, supervised and covered their expenses for education / development and looked after them during holidays if they have no one.

Prevention: An Awareness Programs for Children. Besides talks and informal interaction, open houses, workshops, and other programs were conducted for children with the focus on children's participation and development. Life skill sessions were held for children of the age group 12- 18. Organized open schools for street / working children as part of prevention and education.

Networking: Partnered with government and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, other agencies - to enable children, esp. those without a support system, to find their space in society; and paid for their education, health, development and other needs.

1 (b) Programs for Children:
  • Remedial, literacy, National Open School classes, day care centre for slum children 
  • Interventions for children in distress and crisis situations with 24 hour Helpline
  • Victims assistance and rehabilitation program for child victims and street children, including short stay shelter for girl victims
  • Leadership and awareness programs including workshops on child development camps, cultural events, and other recreational services

2 (a) Work With Women:
  • Women's Issues: Took up cases of women in distress and crisis situations with counseling, legal aid, vocational training, job placements, savings etc. Types of cases handled include domestic violence, unemployment and shelter, sexual harassment, etc.
  • A Short Stay Shelter for Women &Children in Distress and Crisis Situation:  At V-14 & 19, Vikrant, Malbhat, Margao, for girls rescued-pending rehabilitation and during holidays.  Facilities included: board and lodge, counseling, educational facilitation, legal aid, training, job placements, etc.
  • Adult Literacy / Door-Step Literacy Classes: Held at Calconde Bund, Deccan Tyres, Sadhu Bund, Zariwada, Fatorda, Maruti Mandir and Guddemol (through one of the volunteers).
  • Vocational Training: 2 + 2 six months training courses in Tailoring, Embroidery and Fabric Painting.
  • Skill-training / Income generation: Started in April 2012, for major girls / women to make and market well-designed ladies bags, purses, etc., under the guidance of Ms. Carmina Fernandes,  NID Ahmedabad Associate
  • Self Help Groups: These initiatives have been promoted for income generation; savings and credit facility for Women in need.

2 (b) Programs for Women:
  • Initiating Community-based Women's Action Groups as the base for women's empowerment; community leadership; children's protection and development; and creating spaces to work together to achieve their development and dignity.
  • Took up women's issues, cases of women in distress, in the context of Women's Empowerment: Interventions included dealing with crisis situation; counseling; legal aid in cases involved with domestic violence and sexual harassment; skill training; job placements; health promotion. In support of the above, JanUgahi also offered a short stay shelter for women victims of violence.
  • Promoted Self Help Groups:  For vocational training and Income generation (sewing and utility items); savings and credit facility.

3. General:
  • Counseling for Women and Children in distress
  • Enabled the poor, esp. migrants to access Govt. Health Services, promoted immunization and preventive health care, organized Health Camps, referrals, etc.
  • Socio-Cultural programs were conducted to observe events including Women's day, Children's Day, Independence Day, Prevention of Child labor and Child abuse days, etc.
  • Staff Development & Exposure.
  • Investigated prevalence of child sexual abuse, tourism related pedophilia, trafficking; and follow up on suspects, prosecution.
  • Created awareness of child abuse in shacks, hotels, shops, tourist agencies, schools, panchayats, among public as well as created support groups of citizens to be informants, monitor happenings, assist in other social matters

4. Networking with Governemnt and NGO's:
  • Support to Government: Collaborated on Goa Children's Act. Jan Ugahi was appointed as Nodal Organization to organize workshops at Taluka & District Level as part of the participatory process to prepare the Goa's Children's Act and was instrumental in final formulation of the Goa Children's Act.
  • Jan Ugahi conducted sessions for the State Commission for Children at State Level.
  • Apna Ghar: For about five years (2004 to 2009), Jan Ugahi  conducted weekly training and accompanied the children at Apna Ghar with counseling, rehab, restoration  etc.
  • Jan Ugahi guided and helped CHILDLINE Support Organization and was part of the National Network of CHILDLINE India Partners since its inception in Goa in 2000 till Aug 2005. Thereafter it also took charge of South Goa as a Collaborative Organization - a children's helpline with a 24-hour call and intervention centre for children in distress / difficult circumstances. CHILDLINE is a project of the Central Ministry of Women & Child Development. While Jan Ugahi has discontinued the service w.e.f. 1-10-2012, it continued taking up cases of children in need of care and protection on its own and as a collaborator of CHILDLINE Support in South Goa.

5.    Target Group Participation: Target group participation is high on Jan Ugahi's agenda.  The aim of the projects was to train the target groups to ultimately run their own programs themselves.  In view of this, the Trust evolved the concept of 'Learner Teachers', where learners themselves assisted in teaching.  These learner teachers or community workers have now 'graduated' to become teachers, trainers, co-organizers of various programs.  Also, a greater interaction of these and other staff with the participants in the slums and village areas was encouraged.  The findings and feedbacks of participants were incorporated into the programs.

6. Past Projects:

Jan Ugahi is grateful for the partnership and financial support received for the following Projects:

6 (a) From March 1997 to September 2001:
(i)    Local and Government Projects:
  • Supplementary Education*
  • Vocational Training (Tailoring & Embroidery)* - DWCRA
  • Vocational Training (Vermi Compost)* - DWCRA
  • Vocational Training (Income Generation)* - DWCRA
  • Non-Formal Education (Adult Literacy)* - Education Dept
  • Environmental Study Tours* - Education Dept
  • Conducted Workshops for Goa State Commission for Women
  • Programs under NABARD
  • Aids Awareness Project - Goa State Aids Control Society
  • Raja Ram M Roy Library Foundation*
  • Literacy and Health Projects*

(ii)    Projects under FCRA Prior Permission:
  • Bilance - Netherlands
  • Terre Des Hommes - Germany
  • India Literacy Project - USA
  • Coflexip Stena Offshore Ltd. - UK

6 (b) From September 2001 to Dec. 2020:
(i)    Major Government Projects:
  • Continuation of above Projects*
  • Aids Awareness Project - Goa State Aids Control Society (1999 to 2003)
  • CHILDLINE Support Organization - Hand Holding and Implementation (2000 to 2005)
  • CHILDLINE Collaborative Organization (2006 to 2012)
(ii)    Major Projects under FCRA Registration - Includes:
  • Sentinelles Switzerland
  • Gate Way of India Switzerland
  • Wima India Street Kid UK
  • Indo German Social Service Society
  • Terre Des Hommes - Germany (2000 to 2012)
  • Terre Des Hommes - Netherlands (2007 to 2018)
  • And from other foreign institutions and individuals

6 (c) Project Cover:
Through these projects, Jan Ugahi has provided:
  • Crisis intervention and rehabilitation for girls and women  victims of abuse / exploitation / other forms of violence
  • Life skills education for children outside the school system education on child rights to marginalized groups of children and attempts through child and community participation to make the rights effective
  • Socio-legal intervention in  cases of children and women victims of abuse and exploitation
  • Outreach programs and service interventions as part of children's helpline - CHILDLINE
  • Counseling, legal aid, health education and support to marginalized communities esp. children and women
  • Vocational training courses and referrals for jobs to youth and women
  • Remedial education classes for primary / high school students; and non-formal  literacy classes for non-school going street / migrant children
  • Teacher and social work training for volunteers