How we work

  • Child Rights and Advocacy campaigns
  • Campaigns against Child trafficking and Abuse including tourism related     paedophilia and by creating community support groups
  • Victims assistance and rehabilitation program for child victims and street   children, including short stay shelter for girl victims
  • Remedial, literacy, National Open School classes, day care centre for slum children                       
  • Interventions for children in distress & crisis situations with 24 hour Helpline
  • Leadership and awareness programmes including workshops on child rightsholiday camps, cultural events, and other recreational services


  • Initiating Community-based Women's Action Groups as the base for women's  empowerment, community leadership, children's protection & development   and creating  spaces to work together to achieve their dignity and rights.
  • Taking up women's issues, cases of women in distress, in the context of  Women's Rights and Empowerment: Interventions include crisis  intervention, counseling, legal aid, in cases involving domestic violence & sexual harassment, skill training, job placements, health promotion. In  support of the above, JanUgahi also offers a short stay shelter for women  victims of violence.
  • Promoting Self Help Groups:  for vocational training & Income   generation (sewing  and utility items),  savings & credit facility.

  • Counselling for women & children in distress
  • Enabling the poor, esp. migrants to access Govt. Health Services, promoting immunization and preventive health care, organising Health Camps, referrals
  • Socio-Cultural programs to observe events including Women's Day,   Children's   
  • Day, Independence Day, Prevention of Child labour & Child abuse days etc.
  • Staff Development & Exposureoo    Lobbying with the government and other agencies for rights of children
  • Networking with government and non-governmental organizations,    educational institutions, other agencies to enable children, especially those  without a support system, to find their rightful space in society                      Campaign against Child trafficking for sexual abuse, child labour or any other  form of exploitation.
  • Investigating prevalence of child sexual abuse, tourism related paedophilia,  trafficking and following up on suspects, prosecution.
  • Creating awareness of child abuse in shacks, hotels, shops, tourist agencies,   schools, panchayats, among public and through creating support groups of   citizens to be informants, monitor happenings, assist in other social matters

Please speak to your Tax Advisor or contact us [Mob: +91-9975001900 or email:] to help find the right method you prefer. A onetime donation in the name of a friend or loved one is yet another option. Your privacy will be safeguarded as required. Here are some ways you can give :
(a)  Individual Philanthropy:
      Become a Sponsor, support an ongoing program or make a donation.
(b)   Institutional Grant:
      A financial grant from your Company enables Jan Ugahi to continue its work of bettering the lives of impoverished children, women and their families.
(c)  Donations in Kind:
      Your gifts in kind can be put to great use by the poor who often live without basic material and medicinal items.
(d)  Major and Planned Gifts:
      Helping impoverished children can be part of your legacy. Make Jan Ugahi the beneficiary of a gift annuity or donate as per your Pledges, Endowments or Will
(e)   Become an Associate:
       A Jan Ugahi Associate is anyone who uses his / her voice to encourage others to help the poor. Enlist sponsors, give a presentation and create a community of
       likeminded people, foster network of people to tackle large projects, raise funds and more! Start a Jan Ugahi Friends Group in your area to encourage your
       friends, family and  community to assist more poor children, women and their families.

..... Together we can make a difference to the lives of those in need !
You may help by making a general donation towards the programs and activities of the Trust or towards strengthening Jan Ugahi's corpus, which would be beneficial for continuation of our work.
You help us bring about long lasting change so children, women and the socially excluded can have happy, healthy, protected lives. Please keep supporting us.
The Trust is registered u/s 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and enjoys exemption u/s 11 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
Donations to the Trust are exempted to the Donor u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
The Trust is also eligible to receive foreign contribution under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010.

Ways to Give :
We at Jan Ugahi believe in financial accountability and so we have established stringent accounting and financial procedures, to ensure that the funds are properly used. This also includes most payments are made by bank payments with limited cash expenses. An Independent Chartered Accountant Firm performs regular audits and thereafter the audited accounts are filed with the Income Tax Department since inception; while the FCRA audited accounts are filed with the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi since its registration in 2001.
Checks And Balances:
We will be delighted to hear from you.
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