With the aim of doing "good", the following are Welfare Oriented Programs of the Trust:

1. Education:
(a) Educational Program for poor (i) Children, (ii) Adolescents and (iii) Women and Community.
(b) Rehabilitation for Exploited Girl Child
(c) Scholarships for Poor Children
(d) Counselling - Students and their parents
(e) Vipassana
(f)  Children's Bal Mela
2. Medical Relief:
(a) Medical Program for the Poor and Needy
3. Relief of the Poor:
(a) Basic Provisions for Poor

The above Educational Programs for poor are run by women who have been drawn from the constituent community members. These are women who have been developed through the participatory process that is essential to Jan Ugahi's programs. They started as students of literacy and remedial classes and gradually evolved from learners to learner-teachers to teachers and community social workers. Subjects covered under these educational programs include:

For children and adolescents:
  • Organise and improve with community development, students continuation and performance in school through well-run remedial classes
  • Enable school going children to attain basic education through school enrolment or non-formal education classes
  • Vocational programs as prescribed by Directorate of Education including Beauty and Wellness, Hair Dressing. These skills will help the students in meeting needs for their livelihood.

For Women and their Community:
  • Empowering disadvantaged and distressed women to deal with and overcome their situation, rediscover their dignity, find their social space and become positive and care givers to their family and community
  • Conducting Awareness programs for the community (mainly women and children) on child abuse and equip them for child protection; common problems they face and how amongst them, sharing of how solutions were found, etc.

The Trustees are in the process of exploring and establishing new welfare oriented programs and these initiatives will commence after the approval of the Board.

Current Programs and Activities of Janugahi
Current Programs