A warm welcome and introduction to Jan Ugahi

The name Jan Ugahi in Hindi or Sanskrit means "people's realization" or "people's awakening".
Jan Ugahi had its beginnings in January 1995 around Calconde slum near Margao, the commercial capital of Goa.  It began with contacting the poor and marginalised, rapport building, conducting small programs like adult literacy and remedial classes, tailoring programs, awareness programs on community and social issues and initiating action plans. To meet the growing needs of the target group and the work, Jan Ugahi was established on 1 March 1997; and registered in Margao on 13 March 1997 reference No. 542, under the Indian Registration Act, 1908.
The objects of the Trust, whose benefit are open to all, irrespective of religion, caste, creed or colour include:
(a)  to work specially with the poor, marginalised, backward classes, etc.; and in particular women and children ...
(b)  to impart formal and informal education the above mentioned categories, ...
(c)  to promote vocational training, technical education, etc. ...
(d)  to provide medical relief to the poor
(e)  to provide relief to the poor and needy

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